Kolk first QI Charger worldwide for Table lamps

Can be used on the table in the cupboard anywhere you want.
We build your own charger after your design!
Can also be used for all QI tablets and Phones like Samsung S9® and Apple® x10 etc

Product Specification:
Input: 9V/1.67A 5V/2A
Charging Distance: ≤8mm
Charging Efficiency: ≥76%
Size: 100mm x 5mm
Color: Black/Gold/Pink
Type: USB
Customized: Customized
Standard: Qi Input
Output Power: 10W
Charging Frequency: 110-205kHz
Charging Distance: Max 0.026 Feet
Net Weight: 66g
Specification: dia 0.328 feet * thickness 0.0016 feet

First Class 10-port-charger

High-end charger with 10 ports.
State of the art charger.
100% made in Germany.
The most advanced way to charge your table lamps.
90 minutes charging only.
Each lamp has its own charger.

This secures a very long battery life (with normal use > 5 years) for Ni-Mh batteries.
The charger is available for all our tailor made models and the lamps out of the first class range.

Business Class induction charger

Single charger
5 ports charger 36 or 54 Trolley charger

These chargers are specially made for our 1,5 Watt high power lamps
Charging over night between 8-12 hrs..

Available for these lamps:
Taiki B, Caruso, Egg and more to follow.

Economy class charger

Charger induction plate for 6 lamps
Charging time 8-6 hrs.

Available for following lamps:
Linos I, Linos II, Caruso, Nemo, Round, Cubetto, Mika

For First CLASS Lamps only

On/off Stick

Acrylic hand formed lighter

Colours: natural black / natural white / multi-colour or any material you like

On/Off switch magnet

Extreme long lasting

135 mm x 35 mm | 5,31“ x 1,38“


Our lamp oil is absolutely odorless, it does not soot, is very durable and also economical in consumption.
Due to the different lamp sizes, four oil bottle sizes are available. If you are not sure which size you need for your genuine flame lamp, please feel free to contact us.