Instructions for use

When you buy a K Kolk lamp, you get a lamp made of solid wood, sturdy aluminium, brass, or another solid material, with a special high-tech coating.

DO NOT USE COPPER OR SILVER POLISH! Polishing is not necessary, cleaning the lamp with a damp cloth is sufficient.

The refractive surface of the prism (the diffuser) is made of robust acrylic glass, a handmade acrylic. This unique structure gives the LED lamp its highest luminosity. Please always keep the diffuser clean!

Lampshades (fabric) should only be wiped with a slightly damp cloth. (Do not rub)

The batteries are charged and tested in our production facilities, so that a long service life is guaranteed. Full battery power is reached after the first five complete charges. Do not charge the LED lights until the battery has run down (will automatically cut off at 20% capacity). A faster (unnecessary) charge will shorten the battery life!

Have fun with your K Kolk light.